Security: You Can Learn It Fast

First thing which platform should I choose? I believe the simplest way to construct a webshop is to use a CMS system. Since the CMS systems are systems. And these systems are easy to customize and simple to use. I suggest that you choose WordPress. Why? My customers can't use most of the CMS systems, although I'm a software developer, so I can use any CMS system easily. My experience is my clients can learn WordPress in a brief time and they can use it easily. And you'll see at the end of this article.

By default, the latest version of WordPress is pretty secure. The development team of WordPress has considered anything that might have been added to some fix wordpress malware removal plugins. Before, WordPress did have holes but most of them are filled up.

This is fantastic news as it means that there is a community of users and developers who can enhance the platform. Whenever there is a group there'll always be people who will attempt to take down them.

While it's an odd term, it represents a task: creating a WordPress backup of your site to work on offline, or in case something should go amiss. We're not simply being obsessive-compulsive here: servers go down every day, despite their claims of 99.9% uptime, and if you've had this happen to you, you understand the fear is it can cause.

Now we're getting into things specific to WordPress. You must rename it to config.php and modify the document config-sample.php, when you visit install WordPress. You will need to set up the database facts there.

Those are three things you can do to maintain WordPress secure without plugins. Put a blank Index.html file in your folders, run your web host security scan and backup your entire account.

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